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Do These Three Things to Help Your Home Sell for Top Dollar

Grant Freer

Experience and proven results! I am 100% committed to ensuring the sale of your home is a smooth and profitable transaction...

Experience and proven results! I am 100% committed to ensuring the sale of your home is a smooth and profitable transaction...

Feb 5 3 minutes read

When agents or For-Sale-By-Owner's put a home on the market, many often just clean the home, sometimes stage it, snap some photos and then throw it on the MLS. That's just not enough to be competitive! Without prioritizing three critical additional steps that will get the home sold quickly they are essentially leaving money on the table. 

I’ve seen homes sell for up to 7% higher than similar homes, and in half the time, simply because the sellers took the time to do these three things BEFORE putting their home on the market:

  1. Get your home professionally inspected, and try to fix as many items on the “Needs Work” list as possible. At the very least, you’ll know exactly what is and isn't wrong with your home, so if a buyer tries to nickel and dime you over “possible” repairs, you will already have calculated the cost, or built into your price, and you won’t over- credit them.
  2. Offer a one-year Home Warranty to the buyers. This will assure potential buyers that should something break during their first year of owning the property, they can get a licensed professional out for one nominal fee and have that company take care of all the work and costs associated with fixing or replacing the item. 
  3. Openly offer this inspection report and home warranty to all interested buyers through our Simple Texting Instant Response Technology. That means that buyers swooning over your home from the curb or via our extensive online marketing platform can receive this information in minutes and realize they MUST get in to view and bid on your house that day, instead of putting it off, as busy buyers often do!

Buyers and their agents overwhelmingly appreciate the transparency in purchasing a home whose sellers are offering these items of value. They realize it makes the home more desirable—not only to them but to others. So they’ll beat a path to your door to get their offer in ASAP. And more often than not, they don’t want to risk being outbid—so their offer is typically an acceptable one with little haggling!

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