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South Florida Hurricane Readiness Guide

Gia Freer

As one of the Brokers and the Office Manager, it's my pleasure to make sure every seller is satisfied and that every buyer is aware of your listing! ...

As one of the Brokers and the Office Manager, it's my pleasure to make sure every seller is satisfied and that every buyer is aware of your listing! ...

Feb 5 5 minutes read

As an office full of long time Florida residents, we have collected a list of tips we want to share with you, to help you plan for this hurricane! 

  • Start running your ice makers now and bagging the ice in freezer bags. Fill as much space in between your freezer items as you can. This will keep your freezer cooler for longer when the power is out. The trick is to NOT open the freezer once the power cuts, and the cool air will escape. Take anything you may need during and right after the storm out of your freezer and put in a cooler.  You can also fill freezer bags with tap water and use them as ice for your cooler, and fun popsicles for your pups. 
  • Start using up your perishables to make more room for ice in the freezer.
  • Fill up all vehicles with gas, check tires & oil.
  • Pull cash out of the ATM. If the power is out, cash is the only currency you will be able to use. 
  • If you are going to leave, call your bank so they don't freeze your card for out-of-area "suspicious" transactions. Also be sure to share your plans with friends and relatives so they know where you are and how to reach you. 
  • Take photos and video of your home, inside and out. be sure to focus on the floors and ceiling as well, as this is where flooding or leaks will pop up. Save these on the cloud or online storage as they will make insurance claims much easier. 
  • Also take photos of any important docs (don't forget pet docs). Put originals in zip lock bags. Seal in plastic bins if you have any. 
  • Pro tip: You can put items in your dishwasher and oven then close and latch the doors to keep them safe and dry (be sure to turn off power to these appliances first). 
  • Be sure you have enough pet food, cat litter and other supplies to last you a week. 
  • If you have a baby or young children, be sure you stock up on enough formula, nursery water, baby foods, diapers and wipes. Even after the storm passes, it may be a few days until youre able to locate a store that is functional and selling baby supplies. 
  • Put rags and beach towels on your windowsills. Even with the best windows and shutters, water seeping from the wind pressure happens. A few damp towels is better than soaked drywall or floors!
  • Make sure all of your devices (phones, ipads, etc) are fully charged before the storm arrives. If you don't have a car charger, consider getting one as this is a way to charge your phone when the power is out (just don't run your car in the garage if the door is shut!)
  • If you have a grill, get a full propane tank. This will be your only way of cooking without power. 
  • Shutter your windows and doors and bring everything outside into your garage or house NOW. Do not wait until the day before. Better to get done early and relax than wait until its too late, especially because things don't always go as planned and you may need to get extra bolts, charge your drill, or have a sticky shutter than you'll need help installing. 
  • Call your home insurance carrier and ask about your hurricane coverage now, so you'll know what to expect after the storm clears and you need to make a claim. 
  • If you are in a flood zone, move valuables and heirlooms up high if possible. 
  • If you are in an evacuation zone, please heed the warning and leave!
  • If you have an FM radio, dust it off. You can also download a radio app on your phone to get FM signal. 
  • If you are aware of any elderly neighbors or anyone else who may need help, please check in with them to make sure they are ready for this storm as well! The best way to get through these storms are when all the neighbors pull together. 

We are still quite a few days out, but If you don't already have your basic hurricane supplies, you might want to get them now. Shelves are already empty in most places. You will need drinking water, batteries, flashlights, candles, lighter or matches, non-perishable foods and basic first aid supplies.

If you need to leave and have nowhere to go, click here for a list of the local Palm Beach County Shelters that you can go to... and you can Click Here for a list of what you need to bring to the shelter.

To learn more about hurricanes and how to best prepare, check out

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